Low Cost Dentures

Low Cost Dentures

Today there are many different kinds of dentures where each type is used for a different application. Most common conventional dentures are complete dentures, partial dentures, single tooth flipper or dental implant, flexible dentures, and over dentures. Many of these kinds can be made with low cost dentures materials.

Low Cost Dentures
Over Dentures with Dental Implants


Dental Implants for dentures are used in support and stabilization of the denture. An over denture, is a denture that rests on top of dental implant posts or bars. Dental implants also can be used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth without an over denture.

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Over Dentures Dental Implant

Over Denture

An over denture is a removable denture from which is used only when there is enough jaw bone to support the dental implants the denture will rest on. To keep the over denture in place, on the bottom of the over denture are usually several metal holes to which the holes are placed on top of the dental implant posts in the mouth. Essentially, the over denture snaps in place when it rests on top of the dental implant posts.

Bar-Retained Dental Implants with Over Dentures

Bar-Retained Dentures is a custom small metal bar which is almost the same size as of your average Q-tip paper stick. The metal bar is custom made for each persons mouth, and is connected by 2 or more dental implants set in strategic areas of the jaw where it will give the most support for the denture.

The denture is designed to sit on top of the bar where it is supported by the implants.

Ball-Retained Dental Implants with Over Dentures

Ball-retained dentures are implants that have a "male ball socket". When the denture is placed over these sockets, they are "locked" into place because on the denture itself will be "female sockets" that will "snap" together keeping the denture secure and stabilized. Sometimes, the sockets may be exchanged on the opposite sides, where the female end is on the dental implant.

Low Cost Dentures Benefit

There are several benefits low cost dentures have over premium dentures. Many premium dentures are made with high quality materials, and often wear out after many years of use. However, low cost dentures are made with other materials premium dentures are not made with. Usually, the low cost denture is made with softer acrylic which wears down faster.

Those who have a hard time cleaning their dentures, can replace their dentures at a much lower cost, and in a shorter time.

Usually when dealing with cheap dentures, the dentures often may last a few years. Where then it need to be replaced again with new materials.

Dental Implant Placement

The strategic areas for the dental implants is in the front mouth area. Commonly there is more bone in this area even when the teeth are missing in this area. Also in the front of the mouth, there are less nerves in this area which could cause pain if placed near a nerve.

Implant Waiting Time

It can take up to a year and half to get complete denture implants for both upper and lower jaws. Typically, it usually takes up to six months for the lower jaw dental implant, and seven or more months for the upper jaw dental implant. Should there be not enough bone in the front of the mouth, bone grafting may be required.

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